ToxCon 2017

On the 21st and 22nd this month I spoke at ToxCon in Vienna about Toxcore, the TokTok project, and some basics about crypto and distributed systems. I’d say the conference was a greater success than expected as we ended up giving the talks on both Saturday and Sunday instead of only Sunday as planned.

The highlights from the conference included meeting people I’ve been working with in the Tox community; our talks, of course; cheap beer; and Tox developers calling in to the conference via Tox.

The very cool venue we were allowed to host the conference in, the Metalab, made a few posts about us on their image blog: ToxCon2017, A New Kind of Instant Messaging

Hopefully we’ll do it again next year, but with more talks, developers, and beer.

Me in front of a Tox slideshow
Glorious image quality, I know. To be fair, media capture in the venue was forbidden/strongly discouraged.