unnamed 2D game-engine

This is a technical demonstration of a simple cross-platform 2D game engine I’ve been working on for a while. I’m temporarily using Cave Story sprites (and trying to mimic its physics pretty closely) to demonstrate what I currently have implemented in the engine.

Websites (2014)

Header, menu, and first paragraph of (2014).

My first attempt at making a website for myself. Turned out quite alright. (2016)

Front page of in 2016.

Current iteration of my personal website. Now written with the help of a static website generator.

Ory AB

Front page of ory-ab's website.

Website I designed and created for Ory AB, a company that manufactures trucks and trailers. Built in modern HTML5 and CSS3 with a material-design-inspired card-style design.



Windows HTML application (HTA) that allows you to view hexadecimal colours. Written in a weird combination of VB- and JavaScript.